Weekly Update, September 12 – 19, 2008

Construction Progress at the Former Hempstead Manufactured Gas Plant
Week Ending 09/19/2008

National Grid’s contractor (Entact) began mobilizing on the jobsite.  Activities included the installation of construction trailers and other site preparation activities.  Electrical power was installed around the site perimeter, which will be used to power the community air monitoring stations.  Shallow excavations were dug to confirm the location of underground natural gas lines.  Other site activities included vegetation clearing, removal of interior fences, and installation of new perimeter fence.

Drilling and sampling activities were also started for collecting the samples needed to support the design of the soil solidification phase of the remedy for deeper tar impacted soil.  Other drilling work is scheduled off-site on the LIRR Right of Way, and in the Smith Street area around the week of 9/22 to support the design of the off-site groundwater treatment systems.

Two-week outlook:  Drilling and sampling activities will continue. Erosion and sedimentation controls will be established around the site perimeter.  A temporary fabric enclosure will be erected on site to enclose contaminated soil excavation areas.  Community air monitoring stations will be installed at the site perimeter.