Weekly Update, November 1, 2008 – November 7, 2008

Construction Progress at the Former Hempstead Manufactured Gas Plant Week Ending 10/31/2008

Movement of Temporary Enclosure
National Grid’s contractor (Entact Environmental Services) moved the temporary enclosure to IRM Area A using a mobile crane (please refer to the project description map provided on the description tab). Once in place, the temporary enclosure was secured and the vapor management system was attached.

Contaminated soils and concrete from Area A were removed under the temporary enclosure and taken offsite for treatment and disposal. A geotextile fabric was installed at the bottom of the excavated area and clean imported soil was used as backfill. To date, 117 truck loads of contaminated soil and approximately 9,500 gallons of contaminated liquid have been removed from the site.

Concrete Removal from IRM Area A

Offsite and onsite drilling and sampling activities continued. This work is being performed to support the design of remedies for offsite contaminated groundwater and for deeper tar impacted soils.

Concrete Removal from IRM Area A
Two Week Outlook:

Remediation within Area A will be completed and the temporary enclosure will be relocated to IRM Area E. Contaminated soils will be removed from this area. Offsite and onsite drilling and sampling activities will continue.