Hempstead Intersection Street Former MGP Site -
Remedial Progress

Week Ending October 21, 2011

Crew and consultant trailers arrive at site

National Grid’s contractor (Entact LLC) started mobilizing for the In-Situ Solidification remediation phase for the Hempstead former Manufactured Gas Plant site on October 3, 2011. The work includes the bringing equipment to the site and other activities to support the implementation of the project work plan. The work performed for this week included the location and identification of underground and overhead utilities and surveying site feature layouts and boundaries as well as land surface preparation activities. Additional activities undertaken to prepare the site for this phase of the remediation work included set up of site facilities, fence line clearing and fabric screen installation. All of this work is intended to help to safely complete the mobilization and site setup phase of the Remedial Action Plan.

Installation of fabric screen on fenceline

A fact sheet summarizing the project and its potential impacts to the residents was sent to the community to summarize the work. The Fact Sheet and the finalized Remedial Action Work Plan can also be found in the Key Documents/Major Reports section of this website. A link to the Fact Sheet can be found below.

As work proceeds, the web site will be updated periodically to ensure the community is informed of the project progress and schedule.

Hempstead Fact Sheet September 2011 in English and Spanish.pdf