Update for September 2011

National Grid has selected the contractor for remediating the residual MGP materials located at the former MGP site itself, and under the parking lot immediately to the south of the MGP Site. This is the largest phase of the remediation project, and will use soil solidification with cement and other additives to solidify the MGP residuals in these areas. A NYSDEC Public Availability Session is scheduled for September 22, 2011 at Hofstra University to discuss the upcoming start of the soil remediation work in the September-October timeframe (see details in the attached Fact Sheet which also has been mailed to the community in advance of the public meeting).  The Site remediation plans were discussed with the public at previous public meetings, and the purpose of this Availability Session will be to review the final design plans and the implementation schedule for the work. 

National Grid also has completed the installation of groundwater Oxygenation System #1, located along Smith Street, the LIRR right-of-way, Atlantic Ave. and Hilton Ave. This system became operational in May 2011, after completing system startup. Oxygenation System #2 was completed previously, in the Fall of 2010, and is also operating as designed. The oxygenation systems are treating the groundwater plume associated with the Hempstead former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site by accelerating the rate of natural bioremediation within the groundwater plume. The location of the oxygenation systems is shown on the map in the Fact Sheet.

Should you have any questions about the project, please use National Grid’s Hempstead MGP Site Project Hotline at 516 545 6161. Additional information about the investigation and remediation of the Hempstead Intersection Street former MGP Site is also available on the Key Documents tab of this website.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to make progress addressing the environmental issues associated with the Hempstead former Manufactured Gas Plant Site.

Hempstead Fact Sheet September 2011 in English and Spanish.pdf