Hempstead Intersection Street Former MGP Site -
Remedial Progress

Week Ending January 27, 2012

The onsite temporary containment building (TCB) second excavation area was completed, some perimeter work where on site excavation continued for loading and offsite disposal. DSM equipment set up was completed and ongoing modifications and evaluations are taken place to finalize the process going forward. Once finalized, full scale DSM work will begin and excavation and off site transportation and disposal will continue for the remainder of the schedule

A Fact Sheet summarizing the project and potential impacts to the community was previously sent to the community to summarize the work. The Fact Sheet and the finalized Remedial Action Work Plan can also be found in the Key Documents/Major Reports section of this website. A link to the Fact Sheet can be found below.

As work proceeds, the web site will be updated periodically to ensure the community is informed of the project progress and schedule.

Hempstead Fact Sheet September 2011 in English and Spanish.