Hempstead Intersection Street Former MGP Site -
Remedial Progress

Week Ending October 17, 2013

The latest site activities include dismantling, cleaning, loading and demobilization of the DSM equipment and are anticipated to last about a month, during this time many large trucks will be arriving at the site for the shipping of the equipment and materials. The Transportation of materials for offsite disposal will be sporadic going forward. Importations of offsite borrow material for backfilling operations will continue for the next few weeks as well as the importation of stone for restoration. Additionally, other site restoration tasks expected in the coming weeks includes fence restoration, paving and final grading.

In addition, trees located around the National Grid Gas regulator station are scheduled to be removed in the coming weeks to prevent any damage to existing gas facilities in the regulator station from wind damaged trees or branches.

The January 2013 Project Update Fact Sheet was mailed out to the community to provide a project schedule update and a summary of the ongoing remediation work This Project Update mailing and the finalized Remedial Action Work Plan can also be found in the Key Documents/Major Reports section of this website. A link to the Fact Sheet can be found below. The work is being performed in accordance with the Community Air Monitoring Plan that was reviewed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, New York State Department of Health and the Nassau County Department of Health. There is an on-Site NYSDEC representative monitoring the project activities.

As work proceeds, the website will be updated periodically to ensure the community is informed of the project progress and schedule.